Secret Island

Sacred Nature


Discover awe-inspiring nature.

Immerse yourself
in a narrative of nature.

How the locals coexist
in harmony with Nature.

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Your World;
Enlightened in New Ways.

We offer adventure tourism to travelers.
Experience the magic of northern Okinawa
A Natural World Heritage Site
Visit and experience
A synthesis of nature and culture
A life changing experience


Adventures that fully immerse you in nature and culture

OKINAWA ADVENTURES serves small-group tours limited to 6 people.
You can take part as a member of a group. We offer group and private tours.

Yanbaru: From the forest to the sea

Tour 1 Yanbaru, The Miracle Forest

Take part in the miracles of Yanbaru forest through story-tellers.
Let go of reason while following your instincts.

Reach the Natural World
Heritage forest by kayak

Explore harmoniously
the forest maintained by locals

Discover the experience of people
who have lived with the forest

Learn the history of nature communion
at the sacred "Utaki".

Tour 2 A sea of coral, Prayers of the Uminchu fishermen

Join the Uminchu fishermen
to the sea of Yanbaru.
Experience the nature of the ocean.

Sail a sabani boat like an Uminchu fisherman
from the past

Learn about the ocean with directly
from the Uminchu fishermen

Experience a world-class,
magnificent ocean,
rich with coral

Kayak to uninhabited islands


  • Guides

    Through conversation with Tour Guides and Local Guides, travelers will reach a deep understand of this unique place.

    Tour Guides, experts in adventure tourism, and Local Guides, who know the intricacies of the location, lead travelers into connection with nature, inviting them into their stories.

  • Stories

    Immerse yourself into the stories of Yanbaru.

    Pieces of narrative come together while the intellect is stimulated.

  • Joy of achievement

    Travelers report a feeling of accomplishment as they reach the goals themselves.

    Walking, rowing, and reaching the goal brings you well-earned joy of success.

Adventure tourism is gaining popularity.

Bringing inner change – the ultimate travel experience

Through interactive activities and natural experiences, you are immersed in the culture of a place.
There are an increasing number of people who are seeking a meaningful vacation beyond a luxurious holiday. The popularity of adventure tourism is rising among the wealthy people in the world.

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